What To Wear To A Baby Shower

Every trip to the mail box presents another occasion to wonder what to wear to a baby shower these days. Is it just me or are there more babies being born than ever? Whatever may be going on with the birth rate at any given time often dictates on what outfits I buy when out wardrobe shopping.
So many of my friends are or have given birth that I have what outfits that are absolute “must haves” down to a science. The purpose of this article is to help you form some guidelines as to whether you should be shopping for a sundress or pantsuit and to help you avoid those last minute dashes to the mall.
Unless the affair is a gathering of close friends that will be sharing at most a cup of coffee, donuts and the enjoyment of opening a few gifts, anything you might wear to Sunday School is required. If the day is sunny and the weather is warm, something colorful is fine. A good way to judge whether or not a particular dress is appropriate for an afternoon shower or a brunch is to close your eyes and imagine what your opinion would be if you saw someone else wearing it at church. If the dress looks out of place in your mind’s eye, keep shopping until you find one that fits this scenario.
This may not be the time to wear that sexy, strapless cocktail dress just because the time of the shower coincides with happy hour. Chances are that your friend’s mother and perhaps a grandmother or two may be in attendance and you don’t want them to get the impression that their sweet granddaughter has a friend who is the village hussy or worse yet, knows nothing of the rules regarding baby shower etiquette. Even if you are just stopping by on your way to a cocktail party, apply your makeup conservatively and your baby shower dress should cover your shoulders, cleavage and most if not all of your legs above the knee. When considering what to wear to a baby shower after 5pm, push your sexy party clothes to the side.
Pregnant mommies have their work cut out for them when planning what to wear to a baby shower! Chances are none of the dresses in their closets are a good fit at this stage of the game which is all the more reason to plan ahead and shop the sales to buy a couple of cute, loose fitting maternity dresses on sale and a pair of matching flats or sandals that can be easily accessorized with a scarf and simple jewelry. And if the guest of honor does get caught without a seasonally appropriate choice, a couple of cute shower dresses might be just the thing to lift mom’s spirits and make her forget about those swollen ankles.