Tic Toc

Time is the most important aspect in our lives. Without the knowledge of it means we are going to be all over the place with no determination and goals in life. They say it is always best to use time wisely but as to what is happening at this era, people have no control of time. Oftentimes, they become late and have to deal with the whole consequences whenever stuff like this happens. Others just let time get through them and experience delays on everything they do.
In the past decades, the sun, stars and the moon were used to keep track of time. Then eventually modern watches were made having them as functional just like the classical thing, portable wherein a person can bring it with him wherever he may want to go, and mechanical enough that has its multiple functions. Sometime in the past, having those clocks in chains attached to a person’s clothing made it very convenient for everybody. Until the idea of having them revised into wristwatches, several styles in the fashion industry made it to a point that watches can be very useful in so many ways and not just by keeping track the time but also as accessories to men and women.
At first, manual winding on setting up the time on watches were done. Couple of years later, the industry came up with the awesome idea of having it powered by batteries. Through this, people do not have to worry in adjusting time because watches were run by batteries. On the other hand, battery – powered watches have its own disadvantage because you have got to have extra ones whenever it dies down. From analog watches to digital ones, obviously technology was developing that fast. Although there have been products run on digitals already, the old fashion of having them on analogs never really faded. Some people may even prefer on analog watches because of its accuracy and style.
Years gone by, there are a lot of changes in the industry of battery powered machines. From analogs to batteries, eventually solar powered ones were made into the market. There were even waterproof ones wherein you can wear it underwater or not. As the technology runs its own way, many variations were made in order to make every single item more interesting and functional. Watches today do not only include time and date information, but rather cameras, calculators, and games at the same time. Whether a person want things with varied and useful functions or rather prefer to have the primitive style, time would always be precious enough for people to live their lives to the fullest.