The Painful Truth about Starting Any New Online Business

I can still remember the first time we attended a seminar which featured starting your own online business. We walked out of that seminar thinking we could do this, and that nothing would stand in our way. Well that was a year and a half ago. That first day we were so fired up that we didn’t hear the words; “It would not happen overnight.” Was it even mentioned, I don’t remember. I can still hear the speaker tell us: “you can sell anything over the internet.” Since we wanted to sell fashion leather handbags we figured: “Hey a piece of cake right?” Women around the world like leather handbags, and fashion totes. We just never took into account that thousands of other internet companies out there were thinking the same thing and that they had done their homework. You have to know that this little fact which we soon learnt did not faze us. Since competition is good we welcomed it.
Let me say that we have taken the courses. We have paid our thousands of dollars. We continue to put in countless hours at making our business grow. We work on articles such as this one, we are signing up to directories every day and yes we are linking with many companies. We regularly upgrade our key words. Now the latest thing that we are learning about is to be part of the blogging rage. Our homework is an everyday event, since we do not even begin to pretend to know all that we need to know in order to be a success. Good so far things are progressing. Oh did I mention that we have a great supplier who is of excellent reputable stock. It didn’t take us long to realize that even with the most awesome web design and a fantastic home page, our work will never be done. How do we get that first elusive sale? With the thousands of hours we have put into building our on line business we figure it is just a matter of time before we become one of the best.
Keep the freshness they tell us. How much freshness is too much and how much of it is not enough. I think this question is relative to what you are trying to achieve with your on line business. When every opportunist out there calls you and if you do not sign up with them for a small fee, they can get very aggressive. You can only imagine our frustration when these companies make us feel like you will fail if you do not take them up on their offer.
We have solved that problem by keeping in mind that we are two sharp women and we will not permit anyone to make us feel less intelligent nor will we let anything deter us from succeeding. We are selective with who we choose to do business with. If this is wrong then we will realize this on our own, but I think we are on the right path to achieving our goals. Growing pains we have had more than our fair share.
One thing we told ourselves since we are both idealists and did not fully comprehend all that an online business entailed was that at the beginning we would sell and promote only fashion leather handbags, duffel bags, fashion totes and hobos, men’s briefcases and clutches and evening handbags. We have come to the conclusion that with the great products that our supplier offers why not carry new products such as fashion earrings rings, silver bracelets and lovely jewelry boxes. Since these added products can only increase traffic to our home page it makes sense. We are fast moving out of our beginner stage and moving into our expert stage.
The one thing we realized is to keep working at promoting our business and above all to be patient and to not jump any steps. My partner who I already consider to be an expert fashion designer has to repeatedly encourage me. She forever has to tell me to be patient. Patience was never one of my virtues, but I listen and I study along with her. We have after all only been up and running for four months. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work. You cannot give up ever if you intend to make any business work. Being dedicated goes a long way for certain. We have learnt that what we are doing is exactly what is needed to be done and four months is not a lot of time. We do appear on top in many of our categories and we consider ourselves to be successful already. Do we have confidence?
The painful truth about starting any on line business is that you have to love a good challenge and be determined to succeed. Never let anyone tell you it cannot be done. I hope this article will encourage new on line businesses to keep trudging on. For more info visit us at: otraditionhandbag
Written by: Nicole Cousineau