Ten Simple Ways For Crocheting

Crochet is a word that has been coined after the French word, “croche”. It is a word that defines the way of making a cloth by using thin yarns. Today you can crochet and make different designs by just using one yarn. Crocheting begins with one loop and pulling another loop towards it. You can also use different kinds of stitch when you crochet. Crocheting is relatively easy and it takes practice to master this art. Different colored yarns and a durable crochet hooks are the only things you need for this art.
1. The first step on how to crochet is making the first loop. You do this by holding a loose end of your yarn by using your thumb and the index finger. You must also use your left hand.
2. The second step on how to crochet is wrapping the yarn by using the index finger then holding it tight. It should be placed between the index finger and the thumb. The finger should pass through the loop.
3. The third step on how to crochet is using the right hand so your index finger can get freed. Then the next move is holding the hook by using the right hand and inserting it onto the loop that was made. Then use your hook to take the yarn out of the loop. This is an act resembles the same move you do when you make a knot.
4. The fourth step on how to crochet is pulling the yarn you are holding with your fingers when the hook is already out of the loop. This move is very important because a successful loop is the start of your project.
5. The fifth step on how to crochet is holding and knowing where to place the hook and the yarn. This is the start of more loops so you should be holding the hook as if you are holding a kitchen knife. Hold the other end that is loose with your thumb and index finger. Put the yarn on the middle part of your left hand’s palm.
6. The sixth step on how to crochet is getting the yarn’s end and wrapping it around the ring and smallest fingers. The middle finger should be a bit bent so you can do this step because the yarn will be able to pass quickly. You should not wrap the yarn too tight as well.
7. The seventh step for crocheting is straightening your index finger so that there is at least four inches of yarn from the very first loop.
8. Making a chain is the next step. You can make one by turning your wrist so that your hook is beneath the stretched yarn. The yarn should be above your hook. Then pull the hook while your yarn is above it. Do not let the hook face down.
9. The ninth step is pulling the hook back by passing the first loop and you should also pull the remaining yarn through that loop.
10. The tenth step on crocheting is continuing to do the eight and the ninth steps until you form a chain. Then make the yarn go over and pull it back by passing the loop. This move forms two loops on your hook. Then do this again but this time it should pass through the two loops.