Summer is Coming – 5 Tips For Looking Fabulous in Short Plus Size Dresses

Okay my curvy divas, summer is coming and it will be time to show a little skin. Let’s set the captives free and show off those cuvalicious legs by wearing fabulous, short plus size dresses. If you’ve been scared to flaunt what cha momma gave ya, these five tips will enlighten you on how to choose a dress that flatters your curves.
1. Choose a dress that is the best style for your body shape. Are you pear, apple, or inverted triangle shaped? Discover your shape and don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate about the style that’s best for you.
2. Choose the right color. Just because you are plus size does not mean that you have to try and dress in dark, slimming colors. Express yourself. Let your personality shine. If you choose a white or light colored dress, layer it with a darker, short sleeve, bolero jacket or light weight shawl.
3. Choose the right material. The right material does not include spandex. Some Clingy materials are okay as long as they are clinging in the right places.
4. If you have large breasts stay away from dresses that are pleated or gathered in the breast area. No need to draw any extra attention to your chest area.
5. Choose the right length. If you love your legs go ahead and grab that mini dress diva! However, dresses that fall just above the knee, coupled with some funky high heels, will make you appear taller and slender.
Following these five tips will send you on your way to looking fabulous in your plus size fashion this summer.