Men’s Dress Shoes – Your Secret Weapon in and Out of the Office

A good pair of leather shoes is one of the most important clothing purchases any man will ever make. Just as any pair of shoes can make or break a great outfit, dress shoes make a big difference in the image a man projects when present in a formal setting or occasion.
Many make the mistake of simply buying the cheapest shoes possible and lose the opportunity to exude an image of power, status and professionalism. Do not skimp here – you should aim to spend no less on dress shoes than you would expect to spend on a pair of pants, or even a jacket. This doesn’t mean that you should spend upwards of 1000 dollars, but consider spending at least a couple hundred. Dress shoes are an investment. People place a lot of value, sometimes subconsciously, on the personal appearances of those they meet – this applies even more if the meeting is taking place for the first time.
When selecting dress shoes, you should look for a handmade, full leather pair with a slightly asymmetric shape will stay true to the contours of your feet.
You should remember that even a shoe of the highest quality is not likely to take care of itself. To greatly extend the lifetime of your shoes, consider using shoe trees when you’re not wearing them. Natural, cedar shoe trees will not only maintain the shape of the shoe and reduce creasing, but will also absorb all the moisture and keep them smelling fresh. If you need to wear dress shoes every day of the week, consider rotating between two or three pairs to extend the life of each.
Remember to keep your shoes clean and polished at all times. A good shoe shine will go a long way in giving you the full benefit of your dress shoes!