Knowing Your Vintage History

The global fashion industry is worth almost $1300 billion dollars today and is an example of the creativity in human history. The fashion industry was not pioneered by industrialists or by people who wanted to gain profits- it was inspired by everyday men and women who appreciated how important clothing was in our everyday lives. Sure, as long as we are wearing something we can be categorized as “decent and civil” but it was the extra value that was added to this unlikely commodity that truly reflects the ingenuity of the innovative mind.
The history of handbags is perhaps not the most dramatic but it is glamorous and tells the story of everyday people and their rise to fame. The idea that something should be used for carrying valuable items could be originated as far back as the 14th century. Before that, the concept of handbags was limited to farmers using sacks to carry their crop. In the 1900, the term “handbag” became popular mostly because of the rise of youth culture.
If there was ever a single person who could be accredited for the enormous contributions made by the handbag industry today, it would be Gabriel “Coco” Chanel. She was the original founder of the Chanel design house but when she founded it was known as the “Chanel Modes”. She went into business in 1910 and by 1935 she was full blown corporate business woman, hiring over 4000 personnel and revolutionizing people’s idea of clothing. It was she who in February of 1955, introduced the world to the first ever handbag. Her philosophy was that women needed an accessory that kept their hands free. The bag, was fondly named, 2.55, after the day it was launched. It was this single product that marked the inception of the fashion designing industry as we know it today.
When talking about the people who shaped the global fashion industry, another name that has to be mentioned is Louis Vuitton founder of the Louis Vuitton fashion house. The legacy that Louis Vuitton left behind is truly amazing, being the founder of a brand that is worth $19 billion. Whenever you are thinking about buying quality trunks, leather goods, shoes, watches and any other fashion accessory, Louis Vuitton has to be near the top of your list.
Both Louis Vuitton and Gabriel Chanel are French that is perhaps why France is the destination of every aspiring artist- it has a history of inspiring creative people- painters, musicians and actors alike. So the next time you are thinking about a buying a vintage fashion accessory, know that it has a history behind it. A history made by very creative people who paved the way for modern day ingenuity and innovation.