Jewelry For Teenagers

Teenagers may not have the same penchant for jewelry as grown ups. You might see a lady wearing an expensive diamond necklace, or perhaps a set of pearls or emeralds. But rarely will you see a teenage girl decked up in such resplendent jewelry. Does it mean that teenagers do not wear jewelry? They certainly do, but their interpretation of the word ‘jewelry’ is a bit different from what you may perceive as a grown up.
Teens and Heavy Jewelry
You will rarely see a teenager wearing an ostentatious piece of jewelry. You might wonder what makes them stay miles away from heavy jewelry. In that case you may want to look at the following reasons.
– Teenagers do not participate in activities which are common for adults. For example, you cannot expect them to attend a concert where Mozart or Bach is being played. Neither can you expect teens to attend black-tie events and parties. So, where can they wear heavy jewelry? Certainly not at the disco or at school! These are the places where they spend most of their time and so do not need to deck up at all.
– Moreover, you cannot expect a young girl who is just coming to terms with issues such as puberty, raging hormones and boyfriends, to start wearing intricate jewelry! Ornaments are the last thing on a young girl’s mind, when she has more pressing matters to deal with.
Why Teens Wear Jewelry
You might now wonder why teenagers wear any jewelry at all. The reason why they do so is markedly different from why adults wear ornaments. Some possible explanations are:
– Teens like to experiment with their looks. Any jewelry that they try on is a part of that experimentation.
– There is a constant tussle among teenagers to look ‘cooler’ than each other. Trying new jewelry is often a way to impress friends and remain a step ahead of others in terms of style.
– Teens also try to copy their favorite movie, music or sports icons in terms of style. This might also be a reason why they go for a replica of a piece of jewelry worn by their idols.
Jewelry Teens Wear
Teens wear mostly what is known as ‘junk’ jewelry. This is because they want fashion accessories and not valuable items that they would hate losing or misplacing, like many other items in their possession!
These cheap trinkets suit their budget perfectly too! After all, pocket money cannot buy carats, but can only add a bit of zing to their looks. So, you are most likely to see a teenager in a yin and yang pendant or a skull shaped ring. Some cheap plastic earrings or stringed beads bought from flea markets are also a teenager’s delight.
Some teens go for a ‘Gothic’ look and thus simply relish metallic nose rings and studs. Others wanting to copy their favorite rap stars may go for long metallic neck-chains or big and flashy rings.
If you have a teenager at home, you may perhaps understand his or her jewelry preferences a bit better now!