How to Use a Hair Straightener

The word LADY means I am willing to spend much time dealing with my appearance, especially the hair. However, it is not easy to meet my hairdresser every week. Now I find a perfect solution to straighten my hair.
Every morning the moment I open my eyes, I plug it in to preheat. After dressing up, I just moisten my hair, and pick up some hair to sandwich slowly from top to tip. Slowly but without stop, my hair are now straight in the mist.
It is easy and quick. Why not have a try? It is not for those brave women only. A hair straightener is designed to meet all the needs of fashion ladies.
If it is your first time to use it, take one wisp of hair for test. 100 to 130 degrees is OK, otherwise you cannot get the hairstyle you want or even burn your hair. Choose the best temperature for your hair and then begin the work with some wet hair. Do not sandwich too much each time. Move down slowly. Those are all the tips.
Avoid any water which may wet your fixed hair, or you have to repeat all the steps for a second time. You can keep this style for only one day. However, if you want it to last for a longer period of time, you can try some wax if necessary.
Sometimes I also use a hair straightener to curl my hair which is even easier.
You can circle your hair with any pen even the pen is a wood one. Then use the hair straightener. Some wax when finished will be better. Now you have got the nice curls.
Or you can grasp some hair and sandwich it directly. It is really easy to learn. And what is more important is that it looks nicer if you put on some wax after shaping the hair.
At last, I would like to share with you my unique operation. It is in and great to curl the upper part of the hair and straighten the rest. Have a try and you will enjoy it just as I do!
I do care about my appearance. But I do not have so much time to go to my hairdresser for help. With it, I can now enjoy my attractive appearance while spending less time. Why not keep a hair straightener as your Christmas gift?