Gold’s Role and Significance in Mythology

Gold has a complex and a long history. It was discovered about more than five thousand years ago. It soon emerged as a power symbol, and caused individual and national obsession, and the destruction of cultures.
There are many myths attached with gold since unknown times. Due to its high value, not too much people were able to touch it, or took it in obsession. Therefore, they started creating stories, and tales about its mythical, and magical powers. They thought that it has some divine powers that are only gifted to kings, and queens. They also believed that gold is a healing source, and those who have gold, live a longer life.
There are many famous stories about gold from which the story of King Midas holds a great popularity. King Midas fell this deep in the love of gold that he forgot his own son. He wanted to turn everything into gold, and unfortunately, he got magical powers that allowed him to do so. He touched his son who became of gold, after that, he realised the curse of gold and asked God for penance. God forgave him and took his powers away.
Egypt gave a sudden strike when the word mythology comes. It was considered by ancient Egyptians that Gold is divine and indestructible metal. Gold was associated with the brightness of sun in that time. Ancients used to call the sun god “Re”, the mountain of gold, and when there was old kingdom of Pharaoh, he was called as the “Golden Horus”. People had belief in those times that the skins of the deities were golden.
Some people believe that problems in the world are associated with gold. Their mythology describes that the desire, and lust for gold is eternal, and cannot be fulfilled, or satisfied. People should withdraw from this lust of gold; otherwise, they will become the captives of its lust, and will forget their real purpose of life.
Gold also has an importance in the dawn of Muslim age. That was really a golden period of Muslims in the history, and today. During that time, Muslim scientists tried to find a chemical that can actually turn ordinary metal into gold. Though, they were unable to find, or make such chemical, they invented many acids, and bases during that research. They name this science branch as “Alchemy”, and the branch of science “Chemistry” is also originally derived from “Alchemy”.
Due to the importance and value of gold in human history, economists started relating gold value with currency. Countries are bound or allowed to have a specific, or limited amount of gold and that can be altered only with new currency.
Inflation is caused when there is any excess in minting the currency. In addition, this is the cause behind the huge inflation rates of modern age. As gold is discovered from very few locations of the world, and in small quantity, it will maintain its worth forever. This sacred value of gold resulted in its use in ornaments, and jewellery.