Dresses for 2010

Dresses have become a must have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Therefore, every woman has a long dress in her wardrobe, a short one or one that is suitable for the spring-summer collection. This year was announced to have a hot spring and a hot summer, which is why designers have decided that they need to create the best dresses for such a weather.
The retro fashion style is very popular again, promoting all kinds of transparent dresses, long ones or short ones, dresses which follow the models set by the golden years of the European cinematography. The result was a series of dresses with a metallic aspect, dresses which are suited to all silhouettes as they are tailored on the wide model. Ans since the accessories shouldn’t be missing, we have huge chains and wide belts, which are placed under the chest or on the waist, making it look thinner. Then, the creator’s imagination went even further.
Thus, we don’t need any large dresses to hide our extra kilograms or to highlight our lovely curves. The greatest designers seem to have been inspired by silk, these models reminding us of the traditional embroidered peasant shirt. Also, we have a lot of embroidered dresses, which are asymmetrically tailored and which are conceived in warm colors, with shades of beige and gold. The richness of the summer can be reflected in a precious model, the daring element being the thin jacket made of fine fabric, cotton or satin, which is worn right over the dress. What you have to remember is that the jacket has to be in light colors, that it should have bright buttons or any other accessory that emphasizes it.
There is a side of the spring-summer collection which is also dedicated to the more romantic women, there being a lot of pieces of clothing made of shiny, transparent and pale fabrics for them. The asymmetrical ribbons and the round collars which are inspired from the Victorian age are the main elements with this fashion style, making the dresses extremely suitable for special occasions. You can add a shiny belt to your shiny dress when you go in a club. The fluid fabric and the simple model render a natural and classical touch, such a dress being suitable for work, for instance.
If you have a hot summer day ahead of you, you can wear a short and asymmetrical silk dress, which is very elegant and which emphasizes your legs. Also, the long pepper dress is suitable for any kind of summer party. Moreover, they can have a Victorian collar, this collar adding a more special touch to their design. You can also find a very simple and transparent dress for such an occasion, one which you can tie up with a black belt.
There are also a lot of options for the more dynamic girls, who don’t find the romantic style very suitable for them. If you are such a girl, you can find a floral dress, the most suitable one being a red one with a cleavage, which can place you in the center of attention.