Denim 2012

A good indication of the strength of denim in the fashion market over the next few years is the expansion of already-large denim and jeans manufacturers, as well as the regular emergence of new, smaller, funky denim designers. With the economic rise of China and India, the younger and more affluent of these nations are finding jeans appealing. That they are comfortable but flattering, tough but stylish, no doubt accounts for their continuing appeal both in the East and West, but, in the East, at least, jeans are also symbolic of moving into economic modernity, and becoming a player on the world stage. India currently produces 700 million meters of denim, and is set to increase its output by 50 percent in the next few years. And, Indian-based LNJ Denim, which supplies fabric to household US names such as Levi’s, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, and Tommy Hilfiger, plans to treble its production next year.
According to a recent survey by the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor-Levis, Lee, Wrangler, and Gap are the four most popular brands for jeans. With younger consumers looking for cut, fabric quality, and a twist on the classic theme, jeanswear is one area where young designers have proved that they can carve out their own niche. Several designers initially focussed on jeans, before moving into other areas of apparel.
While the more expensive of designer jeans may continue to be defined by sexy rips, abrasions, bleach spots, embroidery, and more, with the economy still not fully recovered, style and sex appeal is replacing designer-slovenliness. The worn and weathered look is taking a back seat for most jeans. There are fewer designer abrasions, and faded areas are subtler. (The hem of denim shorts might be subtly frayed; jeans might have a patched rip at the knee, etc.) Instead, clean denim, in bold colours (especially indigo) are looking strong for 2011 and 2012. Jeans and denim skirts are becoming more classic in cut, and morphing into more formal styles of pants and skirts not normally associated with denim.
So the words in… summer 2012 is all about the Denim!
Take a look at what’s available and get Denim-ed!
Patch it up this summer!
What is a patchwork?
Using two or more panels of patterned fabric in the same outfit, patchwork are entitled to be considered more of a print than a fabric trend. It is, however, the placement of those print fabrics that sets it apart as a trend and makes patchwork prints their own standalone clothing trend for spring / summer 2012. The patchwork can be outlined in any shape, there are no strict rules here: square, vertical, horizontal or random placements are all options. The prints can also clash or compliment.
Patchwork prints was seen at the start of D&G’s spring / summer 2012 show. D&G created each piece true to the trend by putting individual pieces of printed fabric together to form a piece of clothing all the while maintaining the illusion that you’re viewing different pieces.
Where D&G offered up a gypsy vibe, others turned to the summer basic of floral prints. Dries Van Noten translated the patchwork print trend on the runway as horizontal blocks of floral prints. Vanessa Bruno also interpreted the trend by using a wide range of pastel-hued fabrics.
If you’d like to avoid the overt-themes and the floral cliches, you can always look to the texture print. This interpretation of the trend sees designers widen the options and use different varieties of fabrics and fabric finishes as the patchwork. The options here are near-on limitless and you can turn to metallic studs, sheer ruffles, mesh, embroidery, pleats and leather to create a single outfit.
Not everyone has the confidence to don statement prints, so it goes without saying that not everyone who likes the look of patchwork prints will have the confidence to wear them. So there are alternatives that lead out of the textured patchwork interpretation.
How to wear patchwork print clothing
*Patchwork prints are about bringing several pieces of print fabric together into one outfit while making it look as eclectic as you possibly can. That is the gist of this trend; so don’t shy away from it.
*Work other spring 2012 trends into your styling of the patchwork print trend, as this is the best opportunity to do so; lace, crochet, mesh, beads, mirrors, leather, multi-tone prints, paisley prints – the world of fabrics and detailing is your oyster.
*Know your body type and look for prints accordingly with horizontal, vertical, boxed or paneled patchwork.
*Don’t be afraid of mixing colours, as that’s the high point of patchwork prints.
*This print trend is all about creating delusional silhouettes for the body; work that to your advantage and find pieces with your dream body shape.