Big and Beautiful in Fashion

What is considered beautiful and considered in style this year in fashion jewelry is BIG and BIGGER.
This years new fashion jewelry trends are big silver bracelets, large over the top necklaces made of many different materials and rings that cover most of the finger.
Many women tend to think that wearing big bulky jewelry will distract their counterparts from seeing that great outfit that they have on. This is not the case anymore and you do not have to be afraid to experiment with big bold jewelry. Women had a tendency to think that if they are going out for an evening they often will select to wear simple small jewelry. Today in the fashion world the school of training is to stop thinking that less is better and women have to start thinking: Big and Beautiful. That little black simple dress will make a bigger impact and make a bigger statement if the accessories are a big bold necklace that hangs down accompanied by full-size dramatic earrings and a ring that is large.
Today the fashion trend is the reverse of what we were trained to believe as far as fashion styles went in the past. It really is not a question anymore of whether the jewelry you choose to wear matches your outfit or whether it is discreet but more if the jewelry you wear is daring and eye catching. Do not be afraid to let your outfit enhance your jewelry and to let your jewelry speak for itself.
Necklaces are now made with such things as leather strings with big colorful stones or beads. They are often chunky. They are also frequently silver plated. Today any style of jewelry as long as it is big and bigger or bright and brighter will stand out even with something as simple as jeans. Rings are now quite long and are made of silver, gold or enamel. Earrings have a lot of glitz and pizazz.
In conclusion when it comes to today’s fashion in jewelry, women must keep in mind that big and bigger is beautiful.