Basic Tips on Choosing the Right Jewelry For the Right Occasion

In the society we are in, it is a social obligation to attend gatherings or occasions where our presence is expected. When faced with this, it means we are going to meet people – acquaintances or people we have never met before. What you look like on an occasion will be something to be liked or not liked by people you have met during that event. Secondly, you would like to have that boosting confidence while in public so, project your best image.
Women, generally, are the ones affected by this since they are the ones, compared to men, who are more dressy and accessory-conscious.
For formal occasions, it is best to follow the minimalist rule. This is a way to complement the formal state of the affair hence, bling-blings and other huge accessories that attract much attention in a crowd is a ” loud ” item on you. The right jewelry for formal occasions should be something that would accentuate your image and not be the first to call attention on you.
For wedding occasions, it is a universal knowledge that the bride should be the focal attraction or the center of the attention of everyone. Avoid using ” loud ” jewelry not only for the sake of the occasion but also for the sake of the bride. Accentuate your image on this affair with pearls or small-sized stones mounted on gold.
The present trend allows silver or sterling. Favorable jewelry choices are stud earrings or low chandelier earrings, one-strand necklace, and a simple slim wristwatch. Classic women’s necklace for this occasion is the single-strand pearls. Necklace should be short-chained gold or silver with a small, classic and chic pendant. Chains should have a dainty design, too, fit for a wedding occasion. If you desire to wear a bracelet, wear a single one, not of the bulky type. If you are wearing a plain or simple dress, you can accentuate it with a brooch which should complement the other jewelries you’re wearing.
For informal affairs, you can opt for a multi-stranded affair. Earrings could be of the latest fashion earrings and you can wear it with a broad-chained necklace. Bangles can be thrown in with your outfit, too. For informal outdoor occasions, you are free to use other accessories aside from your regular jewelries. It need not be made of gold, silver, or sterling.
These are just basic tips on choosing the right jewelry for the right occasion. It is meant to accentuate your image better.