The 3 Most Important Items to Pack For Your Beach Gateways

1 – Hat for sun protection
2 – Sun screen for your face and body
3 – Fouta, the latest beach towel for your Fashion Statement
Surely you have the two first ones, but are you covered when it comes to Fouta? Make sure you are because the Fouta towels are the best cover up since Club Med introduced the pareo a few decades ago.
– Ask the jet setters: lately, Fouta has been THE towel on the beaches from Portofino to St Tropez.
– Ask any celebrity around: they pack them up for their resort vacations as we can see them wearing the Fouta around their waist in the gossip columns.
– Ask the media. They have been listed as one of the 10 “Must Have” items this summer and some magazine are telling their readers to get them in a rainbow of colors
OK, you might not be able to ask them, but feel free to ask ME and I’ll tell you in details how wonderful they are to wrap yourself in, use them on your lounge or dry yourself with when you’ll get out of the water. Made of 100{f32a32ef7cdb3c58da47e08abe5ae7fa2c2cc02f4c384d60646ab0c83c60d03f} Natural cotton, the Fouta Towels are light as a feather, ultra absorbent and eco friendly.
They are available in a wide range of solid colors or coordinated beautiful patterns and it is no wonder they are the darling of the stars and the media. Have fun at the beach with pick up a great hat too! You’ll be “the Belle of the Beach”, now watch carefully, your photo might appear in the next issue of your favorite Celebrity Magazine.