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Planning the Perfect Hen Night

Hen Night is a party in the honor of the lady who is to be married. Women attend this party a few days before the wedding ceremony. While planning a perfect Hen Night, your aim should be making the party an unforgettable event.First, calculate the numbers of mates who would be attending the party. You must avoid inviting acquaintances. Hen… Read more →

Alexander West – The Perfect Shirt

In fashion, there is no border designers will cross to please the needs and tastes of their clients. Well, that may be common for the common designers and trademarks, but Alexander West really takes this seriously. And by seriously, I mean, there’s nothing he won’t do to put a big smile on the customers face.Alexander West is a Manhattan based… Read more →

Perfect Gift Ideas For The Bride

Choosing the perfect gift for the bride is a task that demands a lot of brainstorming especially if the giver happens to be the groom himself. There are a number of choices available in the market that confusion often settles in. However, knowing particular interests the receiver might have will be helpful for easier decision-making. Moreover, planning a budget would… Read more →