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Shopping For the Latest Trends

Shopping is one thing almost every girl loves. The thrill of the smell of new clothes on the rack and the latest trend in America with all the teenagers. Some girls love the smell of new shoes, new scarfs, new pants, new shirts, and yes new underwear and when the moment come to try stuff on to see how you… Read more →

What is the Latest in Fashion Design?

One of the trends for the fall will be the “military look.” It will not be the heavy duty look that was once in style but more of a subtle look that will focus on color and lighter fabric.Another trend for the fall is the “underwear for outerwear” look. Delicate lace and exposed bras will be the new thing. The… Read more →

Pet Fashion Design Trends – The Latest Styles For the Fashion Forward Dog

People love their dogs like family (and some people love their dogs more than family), so it’s not surprising that they love spoiling their furry friends with the latest dog fashions. With top international designers and fashion school students alike trying their hand at designing for the four-legged market, there has never been more style and selection for the haute… Read more →

You Measured Twice, But Your Latest Crochet Project Doesn’t Fit? Maybe It’s YOU, Not the Design

You double checked your measurements, made sure to match the recommended gauge, and measured your garment as you worked to make sure your measurements matched the schematics. You even used the same yarn as the designer. You followed the pattern to the letter!Or you made careful calculations, adjustments and adaptations like you’ve done before. You did everything you were supposed… Read more →