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Gothic Culture – History and What Is Gothic Culture and Fashion

What is goth?Gothic fashion has nothing to do with dramatic medieval architecture or Germanic tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire. Today, gothic or goth, is a culture itself. It is a way of life, reflected in clothes, jewelry, music, attitude, and all fashion and art.Gothic fashion historyGoth originated in England during the early-1980’s as a subculture from punk – developing… Read more →

Cartier Jewelry With Flower Style Shining in Fashion History

In the last ten years of the nineteenth century, the royal members and nobles still formed the main customers for jewelry consumption. At the same time, the class, consisting of industry masters, successful businessmen and bankers, emerged and began to come into the luxurious Cartier jewelry world. Though they were short of noble descent, this new rich class owned rapidly… Read more →

Scarves – Fashion Accessories – History and Benefits!

Fashion Scarves and Shawls! One of the most enduring fashion accessories that have never lost their appeal are scarves. Even through generations have worn them across several centuries. Worn for functionally throughout the world to provide warmth and protection against the bitter cold, or worn for its religious and cultural significance… their use of one has also evolved into other… Read more →

A Brief History of the Saree

In the past Indian clothes commonly used no stitching even though Indians knew much about sewing. Most clothes were ready to wear as soon as they left the loom. The Indian fashion has all of the time been a picture of brilliance all over the world and to advance with the trends, people offer beautiful fashionable colours, designs, embroideries and… Read more →