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Fashion Jewellery – Accessorize Within a Budget

Heavy gold necklaces, bangles, earrings and bracelets are passe. The switch to custom or fashion jewellery is made to incorporate versatility that precious jewellery lacked despite its classic charm. Pure gold and diamonds have come to be associated with weddings and are for keepsakes. This is the age of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. These ornaments are attractive in appearance,… Read more →

Designer Clothing on a Budget

If you love watching shows like “Project Runway” and “The Fashion Show,” and if you love flipping through the pages of fashion magazines like “Vogue,” then chances are you are a bit of a “fashionista” and you would love to learn more about designer clothing and what to look for when shopping for designer clothes.The first thing to consider is… Read more →

Create Your Own Style on a Budget

Want to become your own fashion stylist? Want to learn how to buy clothes that suit you down to the ground? The tips below show you how to develop your own unique style at a bargain price!1. It’s not just about the clothesBeing stylish isn’t about how much you spend, and whether you can afford designer threads – the most… Read more →

7 Tips For Looking Great on a Budget

There’s nothing easier than looking great if your budget is unlimited. If you can spend thousands of dollars on designer clothes, shoes and accessories, you WILL look great – you better look good if you spend that much! But what if you have to stick to a budget? You can still look good, it will just take a bit more… Read more →