Swimsuit Season – Hide Your Problem Areas

Problem One: Large Hips – Some women are up to two or even three sizes bigger on the bottom. This causes issues because swimwear is baggy in the bust and tight on the bottom. How should this be fixed? The answer is in the embellishments. Pick a small swimsuit with a ruffle on the top. Pick feminine embellishments to add interest on the top. This adds additional volume or detail creating balance to a figure. Stay away from boy shorts or larger bottoms, this style highlights the problem area.
Problem Two: A Shapeless Body – This shape is also known as a boy figure. Women who have this shape are sometimes more athletic with small hips and bust. You want to look like a female in your swimwear. For this body type less is more. Go for the small look. Also add patterns to your pick. It can be scary to chose a string style suit, but these suits highlight curves and are sexy. Patterns add interest to the parts they cover, and after all this is what swimwear is about. Flaunt your stuff! If you are fit it is what you worked for, so don’t be shy.
Problem Three: Small bust – All the size A and small size B women out there dread swim season. Fortunately there are many solutions to this issue. The first and most obvious is to pick a top with under-wire and some lift. Padding is a great alternative to push up, and is not as obvious. The additional padding also offers some privacy. Choose a solid color suit or mix and match. Avoid anything strapless. Strapless tends to cause emphasis to the straight nature of a small bust.