Shawls – How to Tie a Shawl – A Step by Step Guide

Although the simple question of how to put on a shawl may seem extremely trivial to some of us, it can actually be a valid question for others. Imagine a person from a completely different culture, someone who has never seen or heard of a shawl. Naturally, that person would have no idea what it is for, more so how it should be used.
This guide exists for the people of the world who want to get the most out of their shawls.
Steps to put on a shawl:
1. The first step is to spread it out and to rest it neatly on a flat surface
2. The second step is to try to crumple it width-wise to the thickness that you desire or until it looks rather voluminous
3. The third step is to take the middle and let it rest behind your neck while allowing the two ends to fall over and in front of your shoulders
You now know the most basic way of how to put on a shawl.
After mastering those basic steps, you can start to add some flare to the way you put on your shawl. Instead of merely draping it over your shoulders, you can tie it into several knots or twist it into a pretzel-like shape. Following are the steps.
Putting on a shawl with flare:
One knot – take both ends of the shawl and tie them up in a knot. Put one end behind you and let the other end dangle in front of you
Twister – take both ends of the shawl and twists them around several times. You can place the twisted ends down your chest like a neck-tie or play around with it
Arm wrap – spread out the shawl and diagonally wrap it around your arm. Keep on wrapping it and fasten it with a clip at the end. The end product should look as if you have a sleeve on your arm
Leg wrap – just like the arm wrap but you do it on your leg. You may need a bigger shawl depending on how much you want your leg covered
As you can see, the ones mentioned above are merely samples of how to put on a shawl. From one idea, another can spring out so keep your imagination open and let all your creative juices flow to create your own unique look.