Men’s Swimwear Is Going Retro

Square-Cuts? Speedos? Body Hugging Nylon/Lycra? Thing of the past? No Way! If you look at current men’s swimwear styles online, you will find swimsuits and patterns that you thought were gone. Although these classic designs have always been around, they are more readily available now and have re-emerged to the forefront of fashion. Whether you want a classic Speedo-cut, or a more skimpy European-cut or thong, they’re out there. And don’t forget the original Brazilian-cut that looks like a smaller suit from the front but gives you fuller coverage in the back. If you must cover-up, go for the Square-cut that is made with a longer leg, but still shows off your body with a great fashion look.
The next time you’re at the beach, take a look around and notice all those men in these type of fashion suits. More and more are appearing in the general public, and not just showing up on televised international and local swim meets. When made properly, these suits last a long time and of course, the Nylon/Lycra dries very quickly.
And who’s wearing those tighter suits? Well, after working out in the gym all week, many body-conscious men, love the opportunity to show off that new physique. Why hide it in baggy board shorts when a great Square-cut or European-cut is available.
And what if you feel your not “fit” enough to wear a tight suit? Eat less! That’s right, despite all the work-outs and hard training, if you don’t eat less you won’t lose weight. Obviously, many men have health and medical issues that stop them from eating less, but the majority of people who complain about not looking good in swimwear, can gain a new perspective on life if they just eat a little less each day.
How much food should you eat in a day? Ask the trainers at your gym. They have comprehensive work-out plans for your type of body style. And if you don’t work out with a trainer you are losing a great opportunity. They help with discipline, goal setting and safe training. Even if you meet with the trainer once a week or once every 2 weeks, don’t miss an opportunity to get help from a trained professional.
So the next time you see those tight suits advertised, take the plunge and ditch your boardshorts. After working out in the gym all week, snoop around online and find one of those small Made-In-USA companies, and get a bathing suit that shows off your body and your fashion prowess. Enjoy!