Men’s Fashion: The Guides to Dressing Your Age

Dressing Like a Young Adult
Dressing your age is crucial when it comes to men’s fashion. Would you dress the same way to a job interview as you would to school? There is a time and a place for certain aspects of men’s fashion. As soon as you can appreciate that, you are ready for the following tips. The range to be considered a young adult is not so much age, as much as attitude and surroundings-are you mature for your age, does your fashion life revolve around who sees you on the playground or outside of school, and what are your ambitions? Ambitions are crucial-you dress the job you want, not the job you have; that current job may be as a student, but maybe you want to be a big shot lawyer, businessman, or what have you.
Knowing your boundaries
Looking like a young adult is to look mature-but it’s not to look like you’re trying to look mature. Men’s fashion can be just as coy as women’s, and if you’ve noticed the girl in the black dress before, then you can appreciate what fashion has done to gain your attention can do the same for you to gain the attention of other ladies, gents, or representatives of your future path-school, job, etc.
So, if it’s all about boundaries when you’re a young adult, then men’s fashion may be causing more problems than solving-you’re young adult, do you really know what you want yet? You may not know your own boundaries for taste in men’s fashion. So, experiment with the following in mind: look mature, but not like you’re trying. Basically, men’s fashion for the young adult is just like high school all over again-play it cool and aloof, and you’ll do fine.
The best way to look like you’re not trying to hard is to keep it casual-jeans are still your best friend no matter if you’re a young adult or just plain young. Blazers are a great start, but don’t pair them with slacks if you’re going out into the real world-that would be too mature, while blazers simply create a zest of maturity. All in all, the California rocker look is the definition of a young men’s fashion.
Quick Tips
The California rocker look is all about keeping it simple. Invest in a few buttoned down shirts and respectable graphic shirts. Respectable? That means take it easy on the skulls and anything else emo-ish that might seem more fashionable than mature. Again, it’s about keeping it moderation-not too mature-so graphic tee’s are acceptable. Your jeans can be any color, in theory. However, for best results, go as dark as you can before hitting black-dark navy, grey-ish blue, or even other dark colors like dark green or dark red can pull of a mature look that’s not too mature.
Think of it like this-black is the stereotypical color for wool trousers, and trousers are too mature. So, avoid black jeans and you’ll avoid looking like you’re trying to be taken seriously. Otherwise, you’ll be pulling off the rebellious look, which might not be exactly what you’re going for.
Blazers should be solid colored. However, if you are trying to look different from the pack, then go for a dark colored pattern that’s anything but dark grey. Grey’s, than dark solids, scream old geezer-that’s beyond too mature… Other than that, there’s nothing you can really mess up. Also, you can experiment with interesting collars. There’s almost no such thing as too flamboyant of a collar if, and only if, the blazer is a solid color. If the blazer has its own thing going for itself, an “interesting” collar might be overkill-you’ll seem like you’re trying, again.
Other than the blazer, jeans, and anything without too many skulls, crosses, etc., avoid logos. Logos like Billabong scream high school; men’s fashion is better than that; you’re better than that.