Men’s Fashion – How To Fasten A Scarf

A scarf can add style to an outfit, and a scarf tied correctly can add a touch of finesse. The scarf is a perfect accompaniment to any winter coat and is an essential accessory for your winter wardrobe.
A little extra time spent learning how to fasten your scarf correctly and in different ways will pay great dividends. One of the most popular ways to fasten your scarf is known as the Parisian knot. Simply place both ends of the scarf together, place it around your neck then pull both ends through the loop that has already been created and tighten as desired. This can then be worn inside or out of your jacket or coat, either way looks great.
The most straight forward fastening is known as the once around knot, simply place the scarf with one side longer, cross the longer side over and around the shorter side, forming a simple knot. Then tighten your scarf as required, the method is simple and takes very little effort, it looks good when worn
The twice around knot can look very stylish, and is practical because it offers extra warmth, this knot is quite straight forward. Place with one end of your scarf at the level of your collar bone, wrap the other end twice around your neck, some adjustment and practice may be required to ensure both ends are level and then simply tighten as required. The ends of the scarf can be worn in or out of your jacket.
The Muffler is a variation of the twice around, but can be wrapped around as many times as you wish and is often worn loosely, with the scarf higher up your neck towards your chin, a very practical and stylish way of keeping out the cold.
A more casual way is to wrap once around your neck and throw the other end of your scarf over your shoulder, the ends being outside your coat or jacket. This method is more suited to casual wear than more formal occasional wear.
Which ever way you choose to wear your scarf or if you have only ever used one type of knot, spend some time experimenting, you will be surprised how the different styles can give a very different look to your outfit.