How to Wear Capri Pants

What are Capri pants?
They are pants that stop short at mid-calf. They are very trendy and can be paired in many ways. Since they are versatile, women of any height or shape can take advantage of it. First of all what you need to do is to assess your body shape and to keep away from pants that are above the calf or one that is too tapered at the legs. The best bet would be form fitting and slightly flaring at the bottom to emphasize your body shape. It is wise to choose pants with flat front style rather than pleated ones and stay away from large patterns as this will make you look slightly larger than usual.
As most women know- you can never have one too many so getting appropriate Shoes based on the width of the pants is a good start. For wide pants legs wedges are the best fit while straight leg pants pairs nicely with flat shoes and small heels. Wearing some accessories will also make you look elegant and nice while taking advantage of your pant’s cutting. You can consider wearing an ankle bracelet and perhaps that very striking pair of shoes that you have wanted to show off too.
You can be comfortable yet still look business-like with these pants. Just add a cardigan or a collared shirt to have this business look or better still why not wear an elegant blouse, and heels to create a feminine look.
Also, it’s good to choose a close-fitting jacket with three-quarter-length sleeves. For a sporty look, why not try wearing the pants with a nicely fitted polo shirt and sports shoes. The flexibility with these pants is just endless when you know how to mix and match it. For any self-assessment, it’s good to have a full length mirror in front of you.
Capri pants are available in leather, silk and denim too – so make sure you purchase them to fit with any occasion and outfit.
Other tips to purchase Capri pants that are:
• Plain, dark colors
• Ends just below the knee
• More fitted at the bottom ( tapered cutting) and without cuffs
• Wearing it with a tiny sandal, kitten heels or flats. Avoid wearing high heels with your Capris.
• Purchase Capris that fall at the mid-calf.
• Choose Capris with linen, stretch cotton or silk for the corporate look to pair them with a sweater or cardigan.