Gladiator Sandals Fashion Tips

Gladiator sandals have been one of the hottest fashion trend in recent years. Celebrities and ordinary people alike have donned the sandals and made their own bold fashion statement. The great thing about this distinctive footwear is how flexible and varied they are. They come in flat, high heel, platform and boot form, different lengths (ankle, mid-calf and knee), and are made of a wide variety of materials and come in an array of colors and designs.
When it comes to choosing gladiator sandals to make your own fashion statements, you should take into consideration how the sandals will look on your legs and body. If you are tall and thin like many of the celebrities we see wearing fashion gladiator sandals, then you can probably pull off just about any look you want. If you happen to be short or have thick legs then choose your sandals that will go with your body type.
The two main considerations are going to be the length of the sandal as well as the thickness of the straps. If you are short or have thicker legs, you will want shorter length sandals that come in darker colors to give you that slimming effect. Thinner straps also tend to be more flattering and feminine, particularly if you have larger legs.
When it comes to clothing, there are all sorts of different ways you can go with gladiator sandals. If you are going for the Roman or Grecian look, you can go with a toga style or Grecian gown type dress. You may have seen pictures of Halle Berry pulling off that look quite well.
For a more casual look the chunky platform type style gladiator sandals and boots look great with skinny jeans, shorts and summer dresses. Or you could go with a flat thong type sandal to pull of this look as well.
Keep in mind that simpler style sandals with just a few horizontal straps will tend to be more flexible and go with more styles of clothing. Solid colors will also go better with prints and are a good choice if you are wanting your sandals to compliment your outfit rather than accentuating your legs and feet. Then again, you may want a more bold look- you are wearing gladiator sandals after all, so don’t be afraid to experiment.
Gladiator sandals are bold and unusual footwear. You will want to make sure you choose sandals that compliment your body type, but at the same time don’t be afraid to experiment.