Folding Specs For Your Convenience

After a certain point in life, it gradually becomes difficult to see things that are very close the eye. Most people start using reading glasses. It is no major problem and just another sign of growing wise. In fact majority of people, men and women alike tend to face this issue. This inability to see objects close to you is termed as ‘Presbyopia’. However, do not be disheartened once you start getting affected by it. It is just a part and parcel of life and like most issues, has its own solution to it.
On the other hand, your ability to see things far away remains perfectly intact. But common day to day activities become difficult to do, like reading, writing, sewing, working on the computer for long hours, and the likes. You will usually end up with mild headaches. Thus, to avoid these problems, reading glasses are there at your service.
Reading Glasses
These types of glasses are available in full frames as well as half frames. Now how do you know which would suit you most?
When to go for Full Frames?
If you have long working hours that are usually spent in front of the computer and other such activities to perform go for full-framed ones. Just make sure the activity is such that it does not require you to constantly change the distance you have to focus at.
When to go for Half Frames?
These are good when you have to keep shifting your distance of focusing. Full frames will cause viewing problems if you need to see objects far away. They will seem hazy and indistinguishable. Because half frames sit comfortably low on your nose, all you have to do is peer out over the top of your glasses to see objects that are placed far away. You won’t have to take off your glasses.
Folding Specs
Now these are excellent to avoid the constant need to pull put your glasses every time you need to read something in public. In fact, it can get rather embarrassing with people staring at you for doing so. Folding reading glasses give you the luxury of carrying them in trendy cases that can easily fit into your pocket. And since the covers are pretty sturdy, you do not need to worry about breaking them or damaging them in any other way. They make rather elegant accessories. Fashionable yet Sturdy Design
There are many stylish designs available. They are so tiny that you can actually hang them as pendants round your neck. You even get some that fit into credit card sized cases and you can slip them out when required to.
A polymer coating on the acrylic lens makes them quite hardy. So you do not have to worry constantly of their safety.
Carrying Them Around
Size is their biggest USP. So you can fit them comfortably in your little clutch purse, pocket or even those little evening bags. You will be spoilt for choice as far as their color and design range of the carrying cases goes. The cases are made of the best materials, plastic as well as leather. So they are not easily susceptible to wear and tear.
So go ahead and enjoy mobility with folding reading specs!