Fashion Skirts – 6 Tricks Every Woman Should Know to Get Great Legs and Butt in a Skirt

Most of us don’t pay any attention to what type of fashion skirts really suit us. Most often we just pick a style we think looks hot or because it’s the latest rage, and automatically think that we’ll look gorgeous in it. We just have to face the fact: We all can’t fit in the same skirt style like everyone else or the models we see in magazines! Looking fab is all about reconciling fashion with our body shape, size, height and personal style. Here are the 6  important points in helping you figure out if a fashion skirt is the right one for you:
The Right Fit
A skirt that is too tight can make you feel uncomfortable because you always have to make sure it stays put, and the fabric will  cling around your lower part, making you look bulky. You’ll also look tacky if worn to the inappropriate occasion. However if a fashion skirt is too big  it’ll look shapeless and unsexy, but most of all you’ll look bigger. I can’t stress enough about how important it is to find your true measurement and find fashion skirts according to those numbers!
The Right Length
The most ideal skirt length is definitely right above your knee. It makes plus size women look leaner, petites taller, but most of all they flatter every type of legs, no matter how thick or thin. Never let it fall right on the biggest part of your legs, which are the calves. The hem will automatically draw the eye to that point and make your legs and overall figure look wider. Even though you have skinny legs avoid calf length fashion skirts because they can really make your legs and overall figure look stubby and weird. If you want to wear long gypsy skirts then make sure the hem touches your ankles and never shorter.
Balance Out Our Body Shape
There are 5 main body shapes which are: inverted triangle, apple, hourglass, rectangle and pear. Inverted triangle and apple carry more width on top, rectangle lacks waist definition and might appear heavy, pear is bottom-heavy, and the hourglass is considered ideal because it’s proportional. There is no heavy point that greatly draws the eye. That said, if your body is balanced there won’t be any part that looks “fatter” than the other! No matter body shape, your goal should be to achieve balance between upper and lower body part and a defined waist, for example if you’re top heavy with wide shoulder you’ll benefit from A-line skirts and fashion skirts with lots of details to add more width to your hips.
It’s OK to Cheat
If you want to smooth out bumps around your hips then purchase a seamless panty shaper which pulls in the fat, or if you want a sexy Jessica Biel butt then you can find panties with pads that create a rounder behind.
The Right Hosiery
Combine your fashion skirt with a pair of hosiery and your legs will gorgeous. The great thing about tights, leggings, socks and stockings, is that they disguise most leg flaws such as razor bumps, stretch marks, etc., and can as well as create an illusion of longer, thinner or curvier legs depending on your choice of hosiery. You don’t have to wear any prints or colors if you don’t like too much attention. A lot of magic can be made with simple, sheer or glossy pantyhose in either nude or black!
The Right Shoe
You also have to carefully think about what type of shoes will go with your fashion skirts. Basically, anything with high heels will make your legs look leaner and longer and your butt stunning, because of the height and the fact that you’re forced to walk straight which leads to a straighter back and beautiful posture. The more skin you show the taller and thinner your legs will look. Details such as point toes and vertical t-straps will also elongate them. If you want more curves then I suggest rounded toes and horizontal details.