Fashion Designers and Eco-Friendly Clothing

Eco-friendly clothing is a term that has only come into common usage in the past ten years, and this usage is the result of the recent intensive scientific research which has been producing evidence that we earthlings need to change our living habits. At every point in our lives, we are seeing products changed or modified to meet higher environmental standards.
In fashion, we are also seeing that change. Consumers today are much more conscious of exposure to chemicals and wasteful habits of the past. Because of that, many fashion designers are much more conscious of the fabrics that they are utilizing for their designs.
So many of the fabrics that we all took for granted in the past have a real “dark side” to them. The synthetics, the man-made fibers usually made from petroleum, have been shown in many cases to cause skin irritations, rashes, and swelling-real health issues for so many people. Often, people found their allergies were aggravated by these common fabrics.
Today, we have a few more choices for eco-friendly-or should we say, people-friendly-clothing. Fashion designers have recognized many of the problems caused by the man-made fabrics, and they now seek out the natural fibers when designing garments. Cotton, silk, linen, and other beautiful as well as comfortable fabrics are now some of the most popular fabrics for various fashion houses.
Here are several designers who appreciate the many attributes of natural fibers:

VERA WANG: One of the greatest of the American designers is Vera Wang, and she frequently designs with fabrics such as cotton or silk. The classic glamour of the pieces she designs is complimented by the soft and luxurious cottons and silks, both made of natural fibers. She utilizes these fabrics in all of her lines, but especially the Lavender Label, which is a casual line of comfortable clothing.

ALISHA LEVINE: Another designer, Alisha Levine, is one of the new, young designers so mindful of the consequences of her work on the environment. She has a great eye for detail, and is known for her “effortless chic.” Her silk tunics compliment any wardrobe, for her customers can dress these garments up or down, according to the occasion. The silk that she uses is an easy-to-wear, natural fiber silk, and the result is that everything she designs is not only comfortable and eco-friendly, but also fashionable.

SCULLY CANTINA: This lovely line of garments is primarily made with Tanguis cotton, an exquisitely soft and durable cotton, again demonstrating that “green” or eco-friendly can be quite trend-setting.

Although always conscious of style, fashion designers are also looking for new ways to express that style to their public. In this environment-conscious era, it makes both fashion and economic sense to utilize the wonder natural fibers that are available today. These eco-friendly styles being designed are comfortable and fashionable for their wearers. The nicest part of all of this, though, is that fashion has taken responsibility both for the earth and the well-being of their customers. Eco-friendly is really friendly to all.