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Shopping for Designer Menswear

Fashion is not just the clothing you wear, it is the person you are, the person you want others to know you are, and in this day in age it is just as important for men as it is for women. Top brands such as, Firetrap, G-Star Raw, and Levi’s have become household names in any fashion man’s wardrobe, and… Read more →

Eyewear Fashion for Women

Many different women may be looking for new glasses. Some women might be in need of new eyeglasses, while others are looking for a nice pair of sunglasses. When looking for eyewear fashion for women, there are many different options. The first thing a women should consider is what type of glasses she needs. Once she has made a decision,… Read more →

Gothic Culture – History and What Is Gothic Culture and Fashion

What is goth?Gothic fashion has nothing to do with dramatic medieval architecture or Germanic tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire. Today, gothic or goth, is a culture itself. It is a way of life, reflected in clothes, jewelry, music, attitude, and all fashion and art.Gothic fashion historyGoth originated in England during the early-1980’s as a subculture from punk – developing… Read more →