Month: January 2019

Great Present Idea!

I am a huge fan of the Hi-Tek Design range by Alexander for nearly 20 years now. I just love the innovative watches and the quirky sunglasses collection. The only problem I have is to choose my favourite items because there are so many I love. You will find out that all his signature style products are highly collectable pieces… Read more →

Fashion Jewellery – Accessorize Within a Budget

Heavy gold necklaces, bangles, earrings and bracelets are passe. The switch to custom or fashion jewellery is made to incorporate versatility that precious jewellery lacked despite its classic charm. Pure gold and diamonds have come to be associated with weddings and are for keepsakes. This is the age of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. These ornaments are attractive in appearance,… Read more →

Cartier Jewelry With Flower Style Shining in Fashion History

In the last ten years of the nineteenth century, the royal members and nobles still formed the main customers for jewelry consumption. At the same time, the class, consisting of industry masters, successful businessmen and bankers, emerged and began to come into the luxurious Cartier jewelry world. Though they were short of noble descent, this new rich class owned rapidly… Read more →

Movado – A Subtle Accessory That Screams Style

Two qualities every watch wearer looks for in a great product are craftsmanship and cutting edge style. As you comb the market for a wristwatch that meets your own exacting standards, consider the impressive line of top quality timepieces by Movado.Since its founding in a small Swizz village in 1881, Movado, which means “continuous motion” in Esperanto, has built a… Read more →