Month: October 2018

What Is Image Based Fashion Jewelry?

A nice piece of jewelry can brighten up an ensemble or pull an outfit together. Just like a beautiful painting or image can give a room some personality. When you put the two together you have a fantastic adornment chock full of self-expression.Jewelry has been around as far back as the Cro-Magnon era. It’s purpose was then as it is… Read more →

Hot Fashion Trends – Bustiers & Corsets

Body-conscious clothing will always be appreciated by women who love to dress their curves. Spice-up your look for this summer by wearing bustiers or corsets. It will definitely do your body justice, giving you an hourglass figure, and disciplines the exact parts that are not quite flattering.Bustiers and corsets are way too hot to be hidden under the garments. So… Read more →

The Balenciaga Fashion Label

The House of Balenciaga was founded by Cristobal Balenciaga as early as 1918. The first boutique was based out of Spain, and then expanded in to Madrid and Barcelona. The designs were worn by the highest level of society in Spain, and by the Spanish royal family. The fashion house was forced out of the country, and into Paris, because… Read more →