Month: July 2018

Tips on What to Wear As a Wedding Guest

So you’ve been invited to a friend or relative’s wedding but have no idea what to wear? This is a common concern as people worry about striking the balance between formal and comfortable. Your outfit needs to be in an appropriate colour, not too tight and not too loose so you can enjoy the evening meal and dance the night… Read more →

Don’t Let Price Dictate Your Fashion

We want cheap prices, but do that equal cheap clothes? Sometimes it does. Shopping at discount stores and resale shops can often yield scratchy fabrics and styles that wouldn’t fit any human. We know that those great deals must be out there somewhere. How can you tell the difference between a great find and a waste of fabric? It’s really… Read more →

Men’s Fashion Accessories – Making the Right Choices For Business Wear

The little things can often create the biggest splash. This is especially true in the world of men’s fashion accessories. When are sunglasses proper? What style of watch is best? Should men wear bracelets? Are brightly colored suspenders acceptable? Should one wear Grandmother’s knitted scarf to the office? Do my belt and shoes really need to match? Following are the… Read more →

Organic Fashion That Fits Your Lifestyle

Organic fashion is right in line with movement towards organic foods. With organic fashion the clothing is made of materials that are organically grown and produced. The idea behind this type of fashion is simply to be more environmentally friendly and to stop using fabrics that harm the environment or that could contain anything that could be detrimental to your… Read more →