Month: February 2018

Islamic Clothing for Women Demystified

Cultures around the world are able to build unique identities for themselves with the language they speak, the food they eat and most importantly, the clothes they wear. Clothing is one of the first attributes we witness when we immerse ourselves into a culture different from our own. Although the variance you will spot in male attire within a specific… Read more →

Types and Varieties of Jewellery in India

Jewelry in India is an integral part of Indian culture and lifestyle especially for women. It holds an important part in the journey of a girl to woman. Once a girl attains the marriageable age, her parents start purchasing jewelry for her, it becomes an important thing. It doesn’t matter how expensive you buy, however what matters is that you… Read more →

Get A Creative Job That Makes Life Fun

There are all sorts of people in the world some fulfilling dream jobs and others just working to live. When you think about your day job do you sigh with satisfaction and think you’re the luckiest person alive? Or do you wonder if there really could be more to what you’ve got to offer. Maybe you’re not very academic and… Read more →

Men’s Low Cost Fashion Gift Options

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special man in your life? Today men are fashion conscious and savvy. A fashionable accessory would be a perfect gift. There are several things to consider about the person you are buying for before you choose an accessory. Men’s accessories have come a long way and now most items have numerous… Read more →