10 Clothing Items to Look Like a Star

Stores like Jos. A. Bank and Blue Nile US can help you look like a celebrity. This even applies if you are shopping on a budget. You can shop at the same stores as the stars or just follow the same overall fashion philosophy.
1. Dramatic Jackets
This is a celebrity look that you can easily pair with jeans for a casual outfit. It can also translate into a work outfit for the office. Look for a vintage inspired jacket with cropped lines or a patterned piece in plaid.
2. Suits for Men
Leading men tend to wear tuxedos a lot which isn’t always the most practical. Instead, try a tailored suit in a dark color for formal occasions or the office.
3. Diamond Necklaces
You may need to change up the carat weight but diamond necklaces and pendants are available in all different price ranges. Look for a piece with personality. This could be a trendy past, present and future design or an infinity style.

4. Oversized Handbags
This is a designer look that is easy to copy and it’s also practical. You can even get a handbag with a special pocket for a laptop. Look for intricate details like rosette ruffles or a braided strap.
5. Little Black Dresses
This is a fashion staple that is appropriate for a lot of different occasions. Celebrities always need to stand out, even when wearing something simple. In this case, go for a dramatic neckline such as a jeweled collar.
6. Statement Dresses
A dress with pattern is noticeable. This could be a simple ombre fabric or a dramatic nature inspired print. Pay attention to the details with a wrap style neckline or handkerchief hem. These pieces can even work for the daytime if you have comfortable cotton or knit fabrics.

7. Daring Day Looks
A pair of ballet flats or leggings can look trendy when paired with the right outfit. Try out an oversized tunic or sweater with a belt at the waist for a figure flattering accent.

8. Old Hollywood Pieces
This can be the inspiration for accessories or clothing. Old Hollywood glamor is a classic and elegant way of dressing. Lace accents add feminine details to a blazer or shirt. Use a brooch for added sparkle on a winter coat.
9. Rocker Inspiration
A rock and roll style works for evening or during the day. If you want a classic leather jacket try changing up the color palette to make it a little more feminine. This could still be a neutral brown or tan but will still be different than the basic black. Finish off your look with long chain necklaces. Other wardrobe items from this style are boots, vests, and flannel shirts.

10. Dramatic Jeans
Celebrities wear jeans too. Go for over the top finishes in either dark or light denim so your style gets attention. One thing that is important to pay attention to is fit. This is what is going to give you that star style. A tailored pair of jeans will give a custom made look, even if it’s straight off the rack.